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Travelscompare - cheap flights


Clear and simple application to search and book the cheapest flights, hotels, car rentals!Travelscompare is your best helper in the journey. We made this app for you and use them themselves!
We compare 800 airlines and hundreds of travel sites at once. The prices given – include all kinds of taxes and charges, Travelscompare doesn’t take money for booking in advance and ticketing, comparing with travel agencies – our service is absolutely free!
You have found the ticket you want, now – press the button “buy” and fill in the form with your data, usually it is your name, surname, sometimes patronymic name, and the passport number. The only thing left – would be to type your credit card number for paying – and the ticket is yours!
1. Early booking.
The main advantage of early booking is the price. Make your reservation a few months before the trip and save up to 50%. If you can’t plan so far, it’s better to book room at least about a week before the tour.
2. The "burning" booking.
Buying burning tours you can also save up. Sometimes clients refuse from their rooms because of different private circumstances and hotel offer these rooms with good discounts to make a profit.
3. Direct booking.
If to reserve rooms directly in hotel, it will give good economy on fee of intermediaries. For search of hotels in which it is possible to reserve room without intermediaries, use the sites which are called as metasearch engines. These resources don't help with booking but give all information on different institutions.